Teaching Writers the Way Writers Write

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a writer. But I didn’t really know any writers or how to make that dream a reality. And although my teachers encouraged me and supported me in that dream (for the most part) they really had no idea how to teach me to grow in the craft and develop my writing skills, either. To them, being a good writer meant using conventions well. And those where the skills they focused on in my English and reading classes.

But when I started to submit my writing to publishers and editors, I soon discovered that writing that connects with readers requires a bit more than the correct use of writing conventions. I have spent my adult life trying to identify exactly what that “bit more” is so that my writing skills can improve, each and every day. But because I am a teacher, as well as a writer, I am not content with just learning how to improve my skills. I also want to equip teachers with the lessons and skills needed to teach writing the way I wish I had been taught, as a student.

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